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Leprechaun, im deutschen Sprachgebrauch oft auch einfach Kobold, ist ein Wesen der irischen Mythologie und gehört zu den Naturgeistern, die oft in Verbindung mit dem verborgenen Gold am Ende des Regenbogens gebracht werden. Der Leprechaun gilt. Leprechaun [ˈlɛprəkɔːn] (irisch leipreachán, luprachán, lucharpán, lucharmán​, lucharachán etc.), im deutschen Sprachgebrauch oft auch einfach Kobold. Leprechaun – Der Killerkobold ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahre Die Hauptrollen spielen Warwick Davis und Jennifer Aniston, die in. Hier erfahrt Ihr alles rund um den Mythos des gewitzten Leprechaun. Inhaltsverzeichnis. Leprechauns – Schuhmacher der Feen; Der Leprechaun. Leprechauns in Irland – gibt es sie wirklich? Ich hätte bis vor kurzem jeden ausgelacht, der behauptet hätte, dass es die kleinen Kobolde aus.


Willow Warwick Davis ist Leprechaun - Der Killerkobold und macht als solcher Jennifer Aniston in ihrem Kinodebüt das Leben schwer. Noch weiß allerdings keiner, dass der Keller des Hauses einen bösen, irischen Kobold, einen Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) gefangen hält. Als Ozzie den Keller. Vor tausend Jahren hinterließ der Leprechaun eine blutige Spur, als er auf der Suche nach seinem gestohlenen Gold durchs Land tobte. Jetzt ist er zurück in.

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Dies gelingt aber nur, wenn man das Geschöpf fängt, indem man es an seinen Schultern zu packen bekommt [1] und es danach nicht mehr aus den Augen lässt, da es schnell wieder verschwinden kann. War es ein Tier? Etwas verstört realisierte ich, dass ich noch immer auf dieser wunderschönen grünen Wiese mitten in der herrlichen irischen Landschaft lag und schlichtweg eingeschlafen war. Doch noch bevor ich mich richtig darüber ärgern konnte … wachte ich auf! Jeffrey B. Ich hätte bis vor kurzem jeden ausgelacht, der behauptet hätte, dass es die kleinen Kobolde aus der irischen Sagen-Landschaft ernsthaft gibt. Damit er preisgibt, wo der Topf mit den Goldmünzen versteckt ist, muss man den Leprechaun bei seinen kleinen Schultern fassen und nicht mehr aus den Augen lassen. Der deutsche Titel ist ein Übersetzungsfehler. Dieses Mal war ich check this out ganz sicher. Ein Gedanke schoss mir durch den Kopf. Eine Geschichte darin handelt von Noahs Sohn Ham. Die oft als Feenhügel link, meist baumbewachsenen Erhebungen, die vermutlich das Zuhause des kleinen Volkes sind, würde kein Bauunternehmer oder Farmer wagen abzutragen, wohl wissend, welche Konsequenzen solch ein Frevel haben könnte. Leprichaun

Solitary by nature, he is said to live in remote places and to make shoes and brogues. The sound of his hammering betrays his presence.

He possesses a hidden crock of gold; if captured and threatened with bodily violence, he might, if his captor keeps his eyes on him, reveal its hiding place.

But usually the captor is tricked into glancing away, and the fairy vanishes. Article Media. Info Print Cite.

Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Home Literature Literatures of the World. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Celtic literature: Other prose.

The Leprechaun describes the girl he has chosen to his slave William O'Day whom he promised his freedom by removing the enchanted gold collar off his neck once he once found his future wife-to-be, but when O'Day sees that the girl is in fact his daughter, he intervenes with "God bless you, my child" therefore denying the Leprechaun his bride, as the creature can marry any girl who sneezes 3 times, provided no one says "God bless you".

The Leprechaun captures, tortures and tells William O'Day that he will marry his descendant in a thousand years' time on St.

Patrick's Day, before he kills O'Day, whose corpse is then discovered by his daughter. In on the 10th of January, Daniel O'Grady returns home from a trip to Ireland to tell his wife that he had captured a Leprechaun and that by doing so, acquired his pot of gold.

Unbeknownst to him, the evil Leprechaun had stowed away in one of his suitcases, killing his wife by pushing her down the basement stairs.

After burying the gold, Daniel discovers the leprechaun and tries to kill it by showing him a four-leaf clover, the Leprechaun's weakness.

He manages to trap him inside a crate and attempts to burn it and the house to the ground, but suffers a stroke, leaving the leprechaun inside, guarded by the magic of the four leaf clover.

Redding and his teenage daughter Tory rent the O'Grady farmhouse for the summer when they meet Nathan Murphy, his little brother Alex, and their mentally challenged friend Ozzie Jones, who are re-painting the farmhouse.

Ozzie is looking around the basement when he hears the Leprechaun's cry for help, mistaking him for a little child. He brushes the old four-leaf clover off the crate, letting the Leprechaun break free.

After trying to convince the others that he met a Leprechaun which fails horribly due to his former ludicrous stories , Ozzie spots a rainbow and chases it, believing that there will be a pot of gold at the end.

Alex accompanies him for fear Ozzie might hurt himself when they come across an old truck, with the bag of one hundred gold pieces magically appearing.

After testing to see if it's real gold where Ozzie bit the gold piece and accidentally swallowed it , they plot to keep it for themselves, hoping to fix Ozzie's brain.

The Leprechaun lures J. Tory and the others rush him to the hospital, followed by the Leprechaun, who travelled there on a tricycle.

Alex and Ozzie go to a pawn shop to see if the gold is pure while Nathan and Tory are out, waiting on J. The Leprechaun attacks the pawn shop owner, killing him by crushing his chest with a pogo stick.

After terrorizing and killing a policeman, the Leprechaun returns to the farmhouse, searching for his gold, while shining every shoe in the house.

Everyone minus J. Nathan goes out to see what is outside when he is injured by a bear trap set up by the Leprechaun. After shooting the Leprechaun several times, they try to leave the farmhouse when the truck breaks down, due to the Leprechaun biting all the cords.

After ramming the truck with his specially-made car, the Leprechaun terrorizes the gang until Ozzie reveals that he and Alex found the pot of gold.

Tory recovers the bag from the old well, and gives it to the Leprechaun. Believing the worst to be over, they try to head out to the hospital.

The Leprechaun is counting his gold when he discovers that he is missing one gold piece the one Ozzie swallowed and thinks that they have tricked him, leading him to terrorize them until Ozzie tells them about O'Grady, who was taken to a nursing home after his stroke.

Tory decides to head out to the home to find out how to kill the Leprechaun. Tory arrives at the nursing home, searching until she finds O'Grady, who is actually the Leprechaun, who chases Tory to the elevator.

Tory escapes, while the bloodied body of O'Grady crashes through, managing to tell her that the only way to kill him is by a four-leaf clover, before dying.

Tory returns home, and automatically starts searching for a clover until she is chased by the Leprechaun, who almost kills her until she is saved by Nathan and Ozzie.

Alex tries to set a trap but is attacked by the Leprechaun, almost killing him but Ozzie tells him that he swallowed the last gold coin, and is critically wounded by the Leprechaun.

Before the Leprechaun can kill Ozzie, Alex takes the four-leaf clover from Tory, sticks it to a wad of gum and shoots it into the Leprechaun's mouth, taking away his power.

The skeleton of the Leprechaun appears out of the well until Nathan hits him down and pours gas inside the well, blowing up the well and killing the Leprechaun.

The police arrive where Tory is reunited with her father as the police investigate the remains of the well, where the Leprechaun vows he will not rest until he recovers every last piece of his gold.

The Leprechaun in this film is Lubdan. His powers include minor teleportation, voice mimicry, and reattaching severed body parts.

His only weakness mentioned in this film is four-leaf clovers, but in Leprechaun Returns it is revealed that wrought iron is another weakness.

He has short hair, a greenish face, and a compulsion to shine shoes. He claims to be about years old, and since the film is set in , he was born around In , in modern-day Los Angeles, the Leprechaun has found a petulant sixteen-year-old girl named Bridget Callum, a descendant of the O'Day bloodline, who has got into a fight with her boyfriend, Cody Ingalls.

Cody, whose legal guardian is his uncle, Morty, frequently has to break their dates in order to support Morty, an alcoholic scam artist.

The Leprechaun steals some whiskey and a gold tooth from a homeless man and a gold ring off the finger of Tim Streer, a talent agent, who believes that the little man is some kind of performer.

After all of this, he follows Bridget to her house, where a boy named Ian attempts to persuade her into letting him in; she refuses with a swift elbow to his ribs.

The Leprechaun then creates an illusion that fools Ian into believing that Bridget is asking him to kiss her big breasts, while in actuality, they are a pair of lawnmower blades that start up after Ian shoves his face into them.

Shortly afterwards, Cody knocks on the door and apologizes, offering flowers, which causes Bridget to sneeze all over his shirt. The third time she sneezes, Cody begins to say "God bless you," but is unable to complete the blessing when the Leprechaun attempts to strangle him with a telephone cord.

After a struggle, the Leprechaun grabs Bridget and disappears, losing one of his gold coins, which Cody soon finds.

The police soon arrive, find Bridget missing, Ian dead, and a note from Cody at the scene, leading them to get an arrest warrant out for him.

Cody returns to Morty's house and tells him what happened; Morty says he's crazy until the Leprechaun breaks into the house and they barely escape.

Morty and Cody then go to a bar, which is filled with little people dressed as leprechauns, celebrating St.

Patrick's Day. While there, Cody is given a piece of chocolate in a gold wrapper by one of the bar's patrons that were celebrating St.

Patrick's Day and having drinks. The Leprechaun appears and Morty challenges him to a drinking contest in honor of his wedding.

While the Leprechaun downs whiskey, Morty is actually drinking soda and water. The Leprechaun eventually becomes extremely drunk, so much to the point he can barely speak properly or use his magic.

He distracts Morty and Cody by turning on a jukebox with his powers, leading him to bash Morty in the head with a bottle to get away.

He goes to a coffee shop, where he sobers up, and takes the time to murder a waiter who was making jokes about his size and speech.

Upon being asked for payment for the coffee, the leprechaun thinks the waiter wants to take his gold and kills him. Meanwhile, Cody and Morty break into the go-kart racetrack that Ian worked at since the office contains a huge safe on wheels made of wrought iron, the only thing that can harm the Leprechaun.

Cody traps the Leprechaun inside, but Morty takes advantage of the opportunity to claim three wishes and locks Cody in a store room.

His first is for the Leprechaun's pot of gold, which the creature causes to appear in Morty's stomach, grotesquely stretching it.

Morty wishes for the Leprechaun out of the safe so that he can help him, and, for his third wish, asks for the pot of gold out of him.

The Leprechaun cuts Morty's stomach open and pulls out the pot, killing Morty. Morty begs for help as he dies, but the Leprechaun laughingly says "love to, friend, but you're all out of wishes.

Just then, as Cody breaks out of the store room, a security guard, who has responded to a silent alarm that Morty tripped, enters.

The Leprechaun disappears, setting Cody up to take the fall for the brutal murder. Before he can arrest Cody, however, the officer is lured onto the track by the Leprechaun's impersonation of Bridget and is run over twice and killed by the little green man in his own custom go-kart.

He attempts to kill Cody for his gold coin, but Cody realizes that as long as he holds it, the Leprechaun cannot harm him, leading him to run to the Leprechaun's lair to attempt rescuing Bridget.

Before he can find Bridget, however, Cody is attacked by the skeleton of Willam O'Day, Bridget's ancestor, carrying out the Leprechaun's bidding.

When he manages to fell the skeleton, he is encased in a tangle of tree roots. When the tree roots turn out to be an illusion, he finally stumbles upon Bridget in the Leprechaun's room with a gold collar on her neck.

Suddenly, the Leprechaun corners Cody, demanding that he return his coin. Bridget, who has been picking at her collar with a broken awl, breaks off the collar, throws it at the Leprechaun's head, and runs.

Cody follows. The Leprechaun dusts off his hat and pursues them both "A game of hide-and-seek! How lovely!

Wherever Cody and Bridget run, they end up back in the same place. In their mad dash to find an exit, Bridget and Cody get separated.

When they meet up again, Bridget convinces Cody to leave the coin behind on the supposition that the Leprechaun will stop chasing them if they give him what he wants.

When Cody is reluctant to part with the coin, the only thing that is keeping the Leprechaun from harming them, Bridget turns on the charm and kisses him, so Cody hands her the coin.

Bridget backs away and starts to laugh saying "You Lose! The Leprechaun knocks Cody across the room and then goes after Bridget, intending to lead her to their wedding bed.

Suddenly, Cody jumps up and shoves an iron crowbar through the Leprechaun's chest. As the Leprechaun begins to sizzle, Cody points out that the gold coin he gave him was actually the gold-covered milk chocolate that a St.

Patrick's Day reveler had given him earlier. Together, Cody and Bridget run out of the lair, and the Leprechaun explodes behind him.

In the final scene, Bridget asks Cody how he knew that the illusionary Bridget wasn't really her kissing him, and Cody informs her that her kisses are different.

She then asks him whether he's going to keep the coin. They then share a laugh and walk home. The Leprechaun in this film is not Lubdan.

In the year he celebrates his 1,th birthday, meaning he was born in the year 6 BC and is 2, during the events of this film.

His face is no longer greenish, his outfit is different, and his hair is longer, but he is bald on top.

His powers are more powerful than the first Leprechaun. He can cast complex illusions and shapeshift. In , at a Las Vegas pawn shop, a decrepit old man with one leg and hand shows up and pawns the shop owner Gupta with a statue wearing a medallion around its neck.

The old man claims the statue is his good luck charm and warns Gupta to never touch the medallion it's wearing. Gupta cannot resist taking the medallion, so he removes it from the statue.

Then a Leprechaun suddenly springs to life from his statue prison, jumps on Gupta's back, and bites off a part of his ear, accusing him of being a greedy thief.

Before he can cause him anymore harm, Gupta reveals that he is wearing a medallion that he found on the Leprechaun's then petrified body.

The Leprechaun grabs his pot of gold and runs from it and hides in the basement, where Gupta traps him inside. The Leprachaun notices one gold coin is missing.

Gupta then attempts to negotiate with the Leprechaun by allowing him to have half of the gold in exchange for the Leprechaun's freedom.

Knowing he is being tricked, Leprechaun tosses the medallion aside. Gupta runs back upstairs to call for help, but is strangled to death by the Leprechaun via the phone cord.

Meanwhile, college student Scott McCoy has just arrived in Las Vegas, but while driving on the streets, he notices a woman with car trouble.

Introduced as Tammy, Scott becomes immediately infatuated with her and takes her to a casino where she works. Through there, Scott can't resist gambling, so he plays at the tables and loses all of his money at the roulette wheel.

He heads to the local shop to pawn his watch, where he uncovers Gupta's lifeless body on the floor. The computer on the counter next to him states in folklore that one wish grants the mortal anything he or she desires and that it remains permanent if kept in possession by that mortal.

After hearing this, Scott sarcastically wishes that he had a winning streak. The coin's magic transports him back to the casino, causing Scott to strike rich at the casino realizing his wish had come true.

He is later robbed by Loretta and Fazio, casino employees and then attacked by the Leprechaun. He is able to throw Leprechaun out of the hotel window, but is bitten by him in the process.

During his stay at the casino, Scott begins to undergo Leprechaun-like tendencies for instance, quoting random limericks in an Irish accent.

In the meantime, Loretta and Fazio, along with the Lucky Shamrock's owner Mitch pass the coin around making wishes.

Leprechaun has survived the fall and vows to kill. Mitch wishes he could sleep with Tammy, while Loretta steals the coin, and shuts the door loudly, snapping Tammy out of the coin's spell.

After she leaves the room, the Leprchaun enters, using magic to turn the television on. A woman who loosely resembles Tammy on the television starts speaking Mitch's name.

She comes out of the television and starts making out with Mitch. Mitch hears the Leprechaun on the television, making odd remarks in different commercials, and looks up to see the woman is actually a robot, which electrocutes him.

Scott and Tammy spot the Leprechaun beside Mitch's body asking for the coin to be given back to him. They manage to subdue him and flee Mitch's room.

Outside the casino, Scott begins to experience pain and is slowly turning into a leprechaun himself from being bitten.

When Tammy takes him to the nearest hospital, Scott is promptly taken to the examination room. The doctors notice irregularity in both his skin and blood, due to Scott's transformation.

Leprechauns are a type of fairy, though it's important to note that the fairies of Irish folklore were not cute Disneyfied pixies; they could be lustful, nasty, capricious creatures whose magic might delight you one day and kill you the next if you displeased them.

While leprechauns are mythical beings, a rare type of insulin resistance, sometimes called leprechaunism, is very real. Leprechauns are often described as wizened, bearded old men dressed in green early versions were clad in red and wearing buckled shoes, often with a leather apron.

Sometimes they wear a pointed cap or hat and may be smoking a pipe. These sprites eventually merged with a mischievous household fairy said to haunt cellars and drink heavily.

Other researchers say that the word leprechaun may be derived from the Irish leath bhrogan , meaning shoemaker. Indeed, though leprechauns are often associated with riches and gold, in folklore their main vocation is anything but glamorous: they are humble cobblers, or shoemakers.

Shoemaking is apparently a lucrative business in the fairy world, since each leprechaun is said to have his own pot of gold, which can often be found at the end of a rainbow.

According to Irish legends, people lucky enough to find a leprechaun and capture him or, in some stories, steal his magical ring, coin or amulet can barter his freedom for his treasure.

Leprechauns are usually said to be able to grant the person three wishes. But dealing with leprechauns can be a tricky proposition.

The leprechaun plays several roles in Irish folklore; he is principally a roguish trickster figure who cannot be trusted and will deceive whenever possible.

In her encyclopedia "Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins," folklorist Carol Rose offers a typical tale of leprechaun trickery "concerning a man who managed to get a leprechaun to show him the bush in the field where his treasure was located.

Having no spade [shovel], the man marked the tree with one of his red garters, then kindly released the sprite and went for a spade.

Returning almost instantly he found that every one of the numerous trees in the field sported a red garter!

In the magical world, most spirits, fairies and other creatures have a distinctive sound that is associated with them. Some entities — such as the Irish fairy banshee and the Hispanic spirit La Llorona — are said to emit a mournful wail signifying their presence.

In the case of the leprechaun, it's the tap-tap-tapping of his tiny cobbler hammer, driving nails into shoes, that announces they are near.

Thank you for your feedback. Home Literature Literatures of the World. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Celtic literature: Other prose.

Most important of all, a flood of translations from Latin and English began. Fairy, a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having magic powers and dwelling on earth in close relationship with humans.

It can appear as a dwarf creature typically having green clothes and hair, living underground or in stone heaps, and characteristically exercising magic powers to….

The Leprechaun returns once again, when a group of girls unwillingly awaken him after they tear down a cabin so that they can build a new sorority house.

Not related to the previous Leprechain films. Two young couples backpacking through Ireland discover that one of Ireland's most famous legends is a terrifying reality.

A demonic djinn attempts to grant its owner three wishes, which will allow him to summon his brethren to Earth.

A single mother gives her son a much sought-after doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

While Andy's mother is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, the young boy is placed in foster care, and Chucky, determined to claim Andy's soul, is not far behind.

Chucky returns for revenge against Andy, the young boy who defeated him, and now a teenager living in a military academy. When Dan O'Grady returns to the U.

He thought wrong. The leprechaun followed him and O'Grady barely gets away with his life, having locked the little monster in his basement.

Ten years later, J. By accident, the leprechaun is released and almost immediately the annoying creature starts to look for his gold, not displaying any respect for human life.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. An evil, sadistic Leprechaun goes on a killing rampage in search of his beloved pot of gold.

Director: Mark Jones. Writer: Mark Jones.

Send us feedback. Desiring to make a film, he decided that a low budget horror film was his best opportunity. After the Leprechaun appears and kills apologise, KingS Crown congratulate two officers, Emily and Rory escape and regroup with Jamie, only to be confronted by a machine gun wielding group of Rory's drug-dealing rivals, led by Watson and Cedric. Patrick's Day reveler had given him earlier. I honestly haven't been as confused or let down by a movie in a long time. Two young couples backpacking through Ireland discover that one of Ireland's most famous legends is a terrifying reality. Https://drdragos.co/casino-bet-online/kapitgn-in-moby-dick.php workers Nathan Murphy, his year-old brother Alex, and their dimwitted friend Ozzie Jones help re-paint the Dschungelcamp Ranking. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Categories : Leprechaun Mythological tricksters. Categories :. Leprichaun Noch weiß allerdings keiner, dass der Keller des Hauses einen bösen, irischen Kobold, einen Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) gefangen hält. Als Ozzie den Keller. Vor tausend Jahren hinterließ der Leprechaun eine blutige Spur, als er auf der Suche nach seinem gestohlenen Gold durchs Land tobte. Jetzt ist er zurück in. Willow Warwick Davis ist Leprechaun - Der Killerkobold und macht als solcher Jennifer Aniston in ihrem Kinodebüt das Leben schwer. Für Menschen ist dieser Ort nur https://drdragos.co/slots-online-casino/ringo-app.php, wenn es regnet und die Sonne scheint. Zehn Jahre später zieht J. Abgerundet wird das Ganze mit einer Prise Humor und interessanter Kameraführung. Jeffrey B. Einige der von den Kelten geschaffenen Goldmünzen haben die Form read article Schüsselchen und werden daher Regenbogenschüsselchen genannt. Der Leprechaun verletzt währenddessen J. Ich hatte die Chance meines Lebens verpasst. Wie war das noch? Leprechaun — Der Here. Slither - Voll auf den Schleim gegangen. Deine Bewertung. Diese Kategorie umfasst Der Schauspieler Cookies, die grundlegende Funktionalitäten und Sicherheitsmerkmale der Website gewährleisten. Leprechauns in Irland — gibt es sie wirklich? Gremlins - Kleine Monster. Reinhardsleiten finden Beste Spielothek in, wieder. Ich schwöre, jedes Wort dieser Geschichte ist so wahr, wie click tatsächlich Leprechauns und Feen gibt! Es erfolgt keine Erfassung oder Weitergabe personenbezogener Daten. Speichern und akzeptieren. There was mischief in his merry face, A twinkle in his eye; He click and sang with tiny voice, And sipped the mountain dew; Oh! Critters - Sie sind da!

Leprichaun Filmkritik „Leprechaun – Der Killerkobold“

Davon darf Beste Spielothek in finden sich auf keinen Fall beirren lassen, denn einmal aus den Augen gelassen, ist er verschwunden. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Jetzt auf Amazon Prime und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Dollar ein. Übersicht Was ist ein Leprechaun? Diese haben als mystische Vorlage für den Leprechaun gedient. Zuvor war da nur eine vage Anziehung zu diesem Land mit seiner lebensfrohen Musik und lebendigen Kultur. Cookies, die für die Funktion der Website nicht unbedingt erforderlich sind und Beste Spielothek Hayasch finden zur Erhebung von Daten über Analysen, Anzeigen und andere eingebettete Inhalte verwendet werden, werden als nicht notwendige Cookies bezeichnet. Nur, wer es schafft einen Leprechaun an den Schultern packend zu fangen und ihn danach nicht mehr aus den Augen lässt, wird es schaffen, dem Kobold das Geheimnis des Ortes des verborgenen Goldschatzes zu entlocken.

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