Most business owners and marketers are increasingly leveraging explainer videos, as they turn out to be the most effective tool to create awareness for their brands. There are many success stories of businesses that have used explainer videos on their website homepages and pinned them on newsletters, added them on presentations and shared them on social media with impressive results. Video is a potent marketing tool as it can stir up emotions, and have a higher retention value than other marketing tools. In this article, we are going to give you an outline of businesses or industries that are best suited for explainer videos:

The retail industry is great for explainer videos

The retail industry is gaining momentum by the day. This is because many people like the aspect of merchandising, where products are displayed in an organized and appealing way. They want to walk inside the retail outlet and compare the different products in terms of price, quality and packaging. That’s why explainer videos can work extremely well in the industry.

Education and e-learning is well suited for explainer videos

Explainer videos used to give instructions in the education space have been around for some time now. However, with the innovation of whiteboard explainer videos, a lot of creativity has been introduced in both education and e-learning space. That makes white board explainer videos the most sought after videos in the education and e-learning industry.

Explainer videos are perfect for businesses in the technology industry

No adverting model can be put up without the mention of technology industry. The world today is largely technological, and so the vast majority of business owners in the niche are using explainer videos to sell their hardware, software, analytics or apps. An explainer video can present these pieces of technology in an entertaining and thought-provoking fashion.

Explainer videos are great for the consulting industry

Consulting is about presenting the value of your company or business to clients. This message can be easily, timely and effectively communicated through explainer videos.  The cool part about using explainer videos to present the value of your brand is that they have higher recall value, which means clients will always remember your company whenever they need consulting services.


In a nutshell, almost all businesses, including small, can profit from explainer videos. If you find out that your business can benefit from explainer videos, then you can take steps to learn how to make them or hire an expert to make them for you. Explainer videos can drive your business growth faster.