With concentration spans among consumers warning every passing day, video marketing is gathering momentum. This statement is vindicated by the fact that every corner of the internet is littered with videos that either promote a brand or are just meant to mesmerize people. The new generation of customers cannot spend more than a minute trying to read a block of text in order to find what they want. They would rather watch a video, as it’s easy on the eye and the brain doesn’t really go to work.

But for a video to work out it must be high quality and pass across the brand message easily and precisely; which is why marketers and business owners invest in top-notch equipment to create quality explainer videos, instead of using free explainer video making software. So what are the disadvantages to using free explainer video making software?

Free explainer video making software tend to produce low quality video

Anything associated with free is almost always not of good quality, and that applies to explainer videos. Many free explainer video software out have little control over objects and illustrations, so the animations produced would be robotic and less than appealing. And this kind of video can turn viewers off and make them leave your website for good.

Zero possibilities of creating unique explainer videos

There is a ton of videos out there about the same products you’re offering, and so just making generic explainer videos to promote them won’t cut it. The illustration tools and characters available in a free explainer video making software are pretty basic and they have been extensively used by other companies to make their explainer videos. So there is a great possibility that your competitors have used them, which means using them won’t add value to your business. 

You won’t bring out your brand identity with free explainer video software

To achieve brand identity, companies use numerous tools and engage with many professionals to get an explainer video made. With free explainer video making software, you are limited to one platform. The result: An explainer video without character and brand identity, which is bad for a business that wants to grow.

Most choose free explainer video making software thinking they crank out video fast

While the free video making software pitch that their software helps you crank out explainer videos fast, it’s not exactly true. It doesn’t just involve dragging and dropping element into a canvas and pushing some buttons and the video is out. For starters, you’ll have to acquaint yourself with how the software works, then you’ll have to figure out a video concept (you’ll have to think a lot) and finally, you’ll have to write a script. It’s a time consuming and energy draining pursuit.