What Are the Most-Watched VR Porn Categories?

Do you love watching virtual reality porn movies? Well, you aren’t alone since statistics indicate that VR porn videos account for at least 30% of internet traffic. However, we can agree that all of us can’t love the same type of VR porn videos.

While some people prefer watching the big tits VR porn videos, others enjoy viewing celebrity sex plus a wide range of other MILF VR porn videos.

Therefore, the big question remains; what are some of the most watched VR porn categories?  Read on to find out what most people love watching and discover what you might be missing.

Anal VR Porn

For some women out there, anal sex is the real deal. In fact, some of them describe anal sex as “the cherry on top of a sexual sundae.” Maybe this explains why anal VR porn appears top among the most watched VR porn categories.

Most people who love watching virtual reality porn movies appreciate the fact that this type of sex is fascinating and carries them away easily. It can feel amazing when you sit back and enjoy the whole action in a virtual environment.

So, if you haven’t added anal sex videos to your VR porn movies menu, keep in mind that you are missing something special.

Big Tits VR Porn Movies

Second on the list is the big tits VR porn movies. Anyway, who doesn’t love big boobs?  In fact, some people describe them as the only ingredient to juicy and satisfying sexual experience.

The big boobs VR porn ranks high among various VR porn sites. And what is even more interesting is the fact that most women in big tits VR videos always seem to know how men like it.

If you haven’t been watching this, you must have been missing something special for a long time. The thought of having sex with a woman who carries big tits always seem to stimulate men even more, and that is what makes this category of VR porn videos more interesting to watch.

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Amateur VR Porn Videos

How will you feel when you watch your favorite actor or model enjoying sex?  For a moment, you might want to forget about the MILF VR porn videos and enjoy your special moment.

One of the reasons why amateur VR porn category has become famous is that it features models, actors, and other non-professional engaging in steamy sex sessions.


Apart from these three highlighted VR porn categories, the other most-watched VR porn categories include; celebrity VR porn videos, college porn, MILF VR videos, and rough sex VR porn videos. If you are a fan of VR porn videos, grab your headset and continue enjoying!